JAI is often involved in more than one exhibition at a time. The links below will connect you to information on each event as well as exhibitions and events we think will be of special interest to our membership.


Exhibitions Archive

Debra Sokolow - TOAA 2015 Open Juried Show
Start Date: 2, Feb 2015
End Date: 27, Feb 2015

Avi Roth Featured in Think Tank Gallery's Special Event: QUEEN GEORGE
Start Date: 22, Jan 2015
End Date: 26, Jan 2015


This event includes the talents of JAI Artist: Avi Roth  |  Avi's Website: coffeegraph.com




Beautiful Planet Exhibition: Elizabeth Bloom, Lorraine Bubar & Carol Goldmark
Start Date: 20, Jan 2015
End Date: 13, Feb 2015



Read Invitation in Full


 Links to Websites of JAI Artists: Elizabeth Bloom, Lorraine Bubar and Carol Goldmark


Miri Chais - We are the Hollow Men - Shulamit gallery
Start Date: 20, Jan 2015
End Date: 8, Mar 2015

January 22, 2015 – March 7, 2015

Nancy Goodman Lawrence in PRESENT ART at Couturier Gallery
Start Date: 6, Dec 2014
End Date: 4, Jan 2015