JAI is often involved in more than one exhibition at a time. The links below will connect you to information on each event as well as exhibitions and events we think will be of special interest to our membership.


Pat Berger • Homelessness Series featured at Hillel at UCLA
Start Date: 24, Jan 2019
End Date: 22, Mar 2019
Bonita Helmer • In the Midst of Chaos @George Billis Gallery
Start Date: 1, Dec 2018
End Date: 6, Jan 2019
Terry Braunstein: Chutes & Ladders @SPARC GALLERY
Start Date: 10, Nov 2018
End Date: 5, Jan 2019
Ruth Weisberg and Rhea Carmi - CIRCLE OF TRUTH
Start Date: 19, Oct 2018
End Date: 11, Mar 2019

TERRA inFIRMA, HUC, NYC • Weisberg, Berger, Braunstein, Raphael
Start Date: 6, Sep 2018
End Date: 29, Jun 2019