JAI is often involved in more than one exhibition at a time. The links below will connect you to information on each event as well as exhibitions and events we think will be of special interest to our membership.


Fall 2017 UCLA Hillel Triple Art Opening • Zhenya Gershman and Joshua Abarbanel
Start Date: 27, Oct 2017
End Date: 27, Oct 2017



The Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA
Lee and Irving Kalsman Campus

574 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024

P: 310-208-3081

Renée Amitai - Gates - PLACE - Helms Design Center - Culver City
Start Date: 28, Sep 2017
End Date: 8, Oct 2017
Gwen Samuels • Ink and Clay 43
Start Date: 23, Sep 2017
End Date: 27, Oct 2017
Opening Reception: Lucie Hinden and Shula Singer Arbel in 4x4 | Creative Torque at NCJW | LA
Start Date: 18, Sep 2017
End Date: 18, Sep 2017

Sandy Bleifer and Jean Edelstein together in TREES - Tree-Inspired Art at FM Fine Art Gallery | LA
Start Date: 10, Sep 2017
End Date: 2, Oct 2017
Shula Singer Arbel • Solo Show LOVE, HOPE, MEMORY
Start Date: 7, Sep 2017
End Date: 7, Dec 2017
Pat Berger and Ruth Weisberg featured in HOME(less) • HUC NYC
Start Date: 7, Sep 2017
End Date: 30, Jun 2018

Bonita Helmer featured in FAR OUT: an art exhibition from the future
Start Date: 2, Sep 2017
End Date: 2, Oct 2017
Gwen Samuels • California Sculpture SLAM 2017
Start Date: 1, Sep 2017
End Date: 30, Oct 2017
Bill Aron, Carol Goldmark and Lori Shocket in VIEWPOINTS: Through a Jewish Lens
Start Date: 25, Aug 2017
End Date: 16, Oct 2017

Jean Edelstein • Venice: Now and Then at the Mike Kelley Gallery | ViCA
Start Date: 5, Aug 2017
End Date: 10, Sep 2017
Erella Teitler - My Story
Start Date: 4, Aug 2017
End Date: 1, Sep 2017

Simone Gad • Clown Boy Series @Highways, 18th Street Complex, Santa Moncia
Start Date: 1, Aug 2017
End Date: 4, Sep 2017

Simone Gad
Clown Boy #7

my solo exhibit at highways 18th street complex-santa monica off of olympic on 18th opening receptions is august 5 from 6-8 pm. of my male pinups series. i install july 31st-curated by patrick kennelly leo garcia and pawel leszkowicz. on view from august 1st thru sept 3. de-install sept 4th. love simone-it's the very first time 'm showing them as a series from 1995 to current. 

all works copyright simone gad 2017-may not be copied nor altered-all rights reserved-courtesy simone gad and highways performance art space and gallery-santa monica.

Sara True Art • House of Wonders: an Open House Art Show
Start Date: 23, Jul 2017
End Date: 24, Jul 2017

Sandy Bleifer's Wall Series • FM Fine Art Gallery, L.A.
Start Date: 9, Jul 2017
End Date: 14, Aug 2017
Sandra Lauterbach and Alain Rogier in FRESH 2017 at SoLA (South Bay Contemporary Gallery)
Start Date: 8, Jul 2017
End Date: 6, Aug 2017

Sandra Lauterbach, Alain Rogier and Suzanne Budd are exhibiting in

Fresh 2017 at South Bay Contemporary SoLA Gallery

Opening reception is July 8th from 4-6pm

Closing reception is August 5 from 4-6pm

SoLA  3718 West Slauson Ave., LA, CA 90043
Open Saturdays 1-5pm and by appt.  310-429-0973

L.A. Alternating Currents +-+- Neutra Institute Museum and Gallery
Start Date: 20, Jun 2017
End Date: 8, Jul 2017

Bonita Helmer: "Fiction" Exhibition, Artroom Christoph Damm, Berlin
Start Date: 16, Jun 2017
End Date: 17, Jul 2017


Terry Braunstein included in SoundPedro one night event
Start Date: 4, Jun 2017
End Date: 4, Jun 2017
Rea Nagel • Topanga Canyon Gallery Studio Tour
Start Date: 3, Jun 2017
End Date: 5, Jun 2017
Ellen Cantor • Prior Pleasures • Griffin Museum of Photography
Start Date: 1, Jun 2017
End Date: 4, Jul 2017

Click here to read the full press release and to visit the Griffin Museum website

Members talk June 8, 2017 at 6:15 PM with Ellen Cantor


Yaron Dotan • Sight Unseen • bG Gallery, Santa Monica
Start Date: 13, May 2017
End Date: 4, Jun 2017

Opening Reception: May 13th, 5-8pm

Exhibit will run thru June 3rd

bG gallery presents its first feature exhibit of Yaron Dotan. Combining optical drawing
and painting Dotan, creates a way of ‘seeing’ without seeing, to explore the invisible
physics of our most intimate of connections. 

Yaron begins with india ink drawn on gessoed panels. The work is composed
using pulsations and rhythms taken from optical imagery and design. He builds
gradations of tone onto a rhythmic framework to delineate an image that is
constantly being interrupted and abstracted.

BLEICHER/GORMAN (bG) Gallery Bergamot Station – Space G8A
2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica 90404


Ruth Weisberg • Exhibition of "Time after Time" • Firenze, IT
Start Date: 9, May 2017
End Date: 24, May 2017

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik OPEN HOUSE at Brave New World Comics
Start Date: 4, May 2017
End Date: 4, May 2017

“LET HER SPEAK” is written in capital letters on a protestor’s sign.
“YOU’RE NASTY” is scrawled across city gates.
A flag emblazoned with the words “BULLETS WON’T STOP HIM”
flies high above a gathering of tents.

In Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik’s latest series of papercuts the diverse and passionate voices of America
are front and center in his most politically informed series yet.

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik > NiceJewishArtist.com

Pat Berger Open Studio Tour • Cheviot Hills 3rd Annual Art Crawl
Start Date: 30, Apr 2017
End Date: 1, May 2017
Sandra Lauterbach • NCJW/LA • Color & Form Run Wild
Start Date: 30, Apr 2017
End Date: 13, Jul 2017

Sandra Lauterbach's solo show "Color and Form Run Wild" features her abstract free form soft sculptures.
Profoundly relevant today, it will also include 2 pieces that reference her family's history of escaping
the Holocaust to build new lives as American immigrants.

The exhibition is at the National Council of Jewish Women
543 N. Fairfax, LA, CA.  323-852-8512

Runs April 30- July12.  Parking is available behind the building.
The opening reception is on Sunday, April 30th from 2-4 PM.

Hal Goldberg "No Wagner, No Holocaust" - Day Dreamers Exhibition at bG Gallery, Santa Monica
Start Date: 22, Apr 2017
End Date: 12, May 2017

Hal Goldberg > JewishSculpture.com

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik -- You Did WHAT to My Comics?!?
Start Date: 9, Apr 2017
End Date: 9, Apr 2017

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik • NiceJewishArtist.com

Nancy Goodman Lawrence • Female Figure Explored • Beyond the Lines Gallery
Start Date: 6, Apr 2017
End Date: 13, Apr 2017

Beyond the Lines Gallery

2525 Michigan Ave. Building G#8, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Beneath the Surface with Kathy Leader @Santa Monica Airport Artwork
Start Date: 18, Mar 2017
End Date: 18, Mar 2017
Sandy Bleifer • Wear We Art > Fathom Gallery/DTLA
Start Date: 11, Mar 2017
End Date: 26, Mar 2017
Harriet Zeitlin • Express My Heart group show at Korean Cultural Center/LA
Start Date: 10, Mar 2017
End Date: 24, Mar 2017
Sandra Lauterbach • OMA Artist Alliance at the Museum, 2017
Start Date: 4, Mar 2017
End Date: 27, Aug 2017
Group Show: Up the Creek • Featuring Bruria Finkel
Start Date: 2, Mar 2017
End Date: 31, Mar 2017
Edelstein Family featured in "Conversations" at Platt/Borstein Gallery, AJU/LA
Start Date: 23, Feb 2017
End Date: 25, May 2017
Ellen Cantor • "Prior Pleasures" at Peninsula Center Library
Start Date: 6, Feb 2017
End Date: 13, Mar 2017
Triple Art Opening @Dortort Center for Creativity in the Arts/UCLA Hillel
Start Date: 27, Jan 2017
End Date: 25, Mar 2017
Women of Valor at Lowy-Winkler Family Rare Book Center, AJU/LA
Start Date: 24, Jan 2017
End Date: 24, May 2017
A Cut Above: Contemporary Papercuts @USC Hillel
Start Date: 22, Jan 2017
End Date: 11, Mar 2017
Nourishing Tradition presented by The Gallery/The Braid
Start Date: 22, Jan 2017
End Date: 6, Mar 2017
Gilah Yelin Hirsch • Emanation, Radiance, Glimmer, Murmuration @POST Gallery, DTLA
Start Date: 14, Jan 2017
End Date: 19, Feb 2017
Jean, Bruce and Barbara Edelstein together in Small Works Exhibition at Ruth Bachofner Gallery
Start Date: 3, Dec 2016
End Date: 15, Jan 2017