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Laurel Paley

Artist Statement

I am pulled to make art by objects, and by their implications— vegetable matter as reminders of our material similarity to all life; scars, socks and headless dolls as evidence of lives lived; dental impressions referencing consumption and violence. I use multiple art processes—drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, digital imaging, weaving, performance, installation—using media that best embody concepts and themes. And I simultaneously pursue several bodies of work, over years’ time.  

Underlying all my work is my favorite Hebrew prayer. The “asher yatsar” prayer is about the messy miracle it is to be human, mortal, flesh, alive, to be constructed of bones, tissues, arteries and orifices, to rise up and stand, and exist.

I see my work as a contemporary version of the art historical “nature morte,” an inquiry into human issues of acquisition and loss, consumption, flesh, time, community, action and death. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes gripping, my art is always meant to stretch our capacity to face and expand our own humanity.

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